Difference between inquiry and trial

Difference between inquiry and trial

An inquiry differs from a trial under the code in two material aspects of which are as follows-

  1. Trial presupposes the commission of an offence, but an inquiry may include inquiries into matters other than offences, such as an inquiry concerning disputes as to immovable property, etc.
  2. A trial is a judicial proceeding which necessarily ends into conviction or acquittal whereas it is not so in case of inquiry, inquiries may have various endings according to the circumstances of the case.

Difference between inquiry and investigation

An enquiry is different from an investigation in the following aspects :-

  1. An inquiry is made by a magistrate or a court but an investigation is done by a police officer or any other person not being a magistrate or a court.
  2. The purpose of inquiry is to determine the truth or otherwise of certain facts in order to initiate judicial proceedings, i.e. trial against the accused but the object of an investigation is to collect evidence.


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