Contribution of the security council for the maintenance of international peace and security

Contribution of security council for the maintenance of international peace and security-

The security council in the maintenance of international peace and security has given important contributions. In the cases of Indonesia, Philistine, Suez Canal, turmoil, India-Pakistan war, Congo, Cypres, Arab-Israel, war 1973 etc. The security council has played an important role in maintaining the international peace and security.

In the Gulf War (1991), the security council played its role in a very effective manner. The main reason of this was the unanimity of permanent members by refraining from vote by all the members. In reality, the Soviet union, because of its internal and economic problems, deteriorated its capacity and power, hence it could not play any positive and effective role in the Gulf War and America had a superior position. In those days of gulf war for security council became a puppet in the hands of America. Later, as a result of extinction of U.S.S.R, The position of America became stronger and it became the only super-power. By studying all these problems, it is evident, that security council has been capable of restraining armed clashes but in majority of cases, it has failed in finding out the political solutions of the problems. In conclusion, we may say in solving the problems world over and maintenance of international peace and security, the security council has contributed a lot. But the provision of veto, that confrontations of superpowers had led the Security Council short of the functions which it has been assigned under the charter.


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